5 Best Essential Oils for Vertigo from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Sarasota


Essential oils might just become a vertigo patient’s best friend as it’s known to keep the dizziness under control. Check out the five best essential oils to use and try them out! Our upper cervical chiropractor in Sarasota has also discussed another natural solution for vertigo.

The 5 best essential oils for vertigo:

  • Thyme is an amazing herb with great medicinal properties. In fact, one study found that it was better for menstrual cramping than ibuprofen.
  • Peppermint helps with blood flow, and reduced blood flow can help people with central and peripheral vertigo.
  • Vertigo brings nausea and even vomiting. Lemon is an important essential oil for dizziness. Use a diffuser to keep lemon oil in the air and get relief from unexpected and severe vertigo.
  • Lavender can be particularly beneficial if you have vertigo, especially if stress is a major trigger for you.
  • Taken more often as a tea, Ginger can often relieve nausea when inhaled, but also has numerous benefits when ingested. Don’t forget to breathe the vapors to make this an effective essential oil for vertigo or dizziness.

Something More Effective Than Oils 

We also want to introduce you to a form of care that has had an extremely high success rate in case of studies for vertigo and dizziness — upper cervical care. One very telling study involved 60 vertigo patients who underwent upper cervical care. In the end, 48 of the 60 patients saw a complete end to their vertigo.

The other 12 patients also saw significant benefits with bouts becoming less frequent and severe. Something important to note in the study is that all of the patients had an upper cervical misalignment and 56 of the 60 patients had a history of head or neck trauma that caused their misalignments.

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