Reasons to Choose Chiropractic Care for Tailbone Injuries


You slip and fall on your buttocks. It happens even to the most careful of us. And when you stand up, you have poignant pain in your lower back, towards the bottom end of the spine. Most probably you suffered an injury to your tailbone as a result of the impact. This article discusses the benefits of chiropractic care for tailbone injuries as an alternative to taking painkillers.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Tailbone Injuries?

Tailbone injuries are mostly caused by falling down on your buttocks. However, many people can suffer this kind of injury:

•    in a car or motorcycle accident

•    in a sports accident (especially football, rugby, skating, and skiing)

•    sitting for long periods of time on hard furniture.

Just like with other types of injuries to the spine, tailbone injuries should be taken seriously. The tailbone (which doctors call the coccyx) can impact your everyday life when injured. You will have difficulties both sitting down and walking. The pain is quite intense, and you cannot ignore it.

What You Need to Know about Healing from Tailbone Injuries

The injury to the tailbone can have various degrees of severity:

•    local inflammation

•    slight misalignment

•    significant trauma.

If your tailbone injury is severe (fracture), you may have to go to a hospital and have surgery. However, significant trauma to the tailbone is usually caused by a powerful mechanical impact, such as a car accident. In this situation, you will be taken to the hospital by the first response team as a measure of precaution.

In most other cases, the best treatment you can choose is chiropractic care for tailbone injuries.

How Can a Chiropractor Help with Tailbone Injuries?

Chiropractors specialize in many kinds of spine injuries and conditions. The basic principle of chiropractic is that many types of pains and debilitating conditions are caused by the fact that the nerves going through the spine do not work properly. The reason why they do not work properly is a spine misalignment, putting pressure on different nerves. This pressure will ultimately manifest itself as back pain, numb arms or legs, hearing problems, and a stiff neck. Thus, chiropractic care for tailbone injuries is the right approach for you, if you want to relieve pain and solve the underlying problem at the same time in a safe and non-invasive manner.

Here is what you may expect:

The Initial Evaluation Will Confirm the Injury

Before prescribing chiropractic care for tailbone injuries, the practitioner will first send you for a scan or an X-ray to identify the precise cause and placement of the injury. Depending on the severity of the case, the chiropractor will create a personalized treatment plan, or refer you to a surgeon in the most serious cases.

Chiropractic Massages Will Help Reduce Inflammation

A chiropractor knows several therapeutic massage techniques. Each of these techniques is adequate for a specific type of injury. This is not the kind of massage you can give yourself, or ask a friend to do to you. Putting too much pressure or pressing on the wrong area of your body can actually make your condition worse. You need to trust a practitioner with chiropractic care for tailbone injuries.

Tailbone Adjustment Will Solve Misalignments

A misaligned tailbone can cause long-term pain and discomfort. Through careful manipulations, the chiropractor will bring the tailbone back to its natural position, during several sessions. Chiropractic care for tailbone injuries does not involve painful adjustments. The practitioner is always mindful of the patient’s responses and adapts their technique to the patient’s pain tolerance level.

Home Remedies and Exercises to Speed Up Recovery

Finally, the chiropractor will also advise you whether you can apply ice to the injured area to relieve inflammation and pain when they reach a certain level of discomfort. After a while, you will also learn specific stretching movements and exercises that you can do to encourage healing.

Chiropractic care for tailbone injuries works without taking painkillers or performing invasive procedures. We encourage you to call us and book an evaluation appointment with one of our chiropractors!

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