Reasons Why You Should Try Chiropractic for Military Neck Syndrome


When you read about the military neck syndrome, you probably thought – “ah, I’m not in the army, so I can’t possibly suffer from this issue”. In reality, this is just a term that applies to the condition of having a straight neck – lacking the C-shaped curvature. It can affect anyone and has the potential to create serious health problems. In this article, we will show you why chiropractic for military neck syndrome is the best solution for restoring your body to its proper functioning.

What Exactly Is the Military Neck Syndrome and What Causes It?

The name of the straight neck condition comes from the fact that sufferers look just like soldiers standing at attention. Their head and neck form an unnaturally straight line. In reality, the cervical spine (the portion of the spine passing through the neck) should have a C-shape. This C-shape forms in the womb, allowing babies to keep their heads straight and move from side to side as they grow up. In fact, this is the most mobile part of your spine. You can nod and shake your head and have a wide range of vision by turning your head sideways. People who suffer from military neck syndrome will recognize a limitation in the movements of their heads. This is probably the first of the many worrying symptoms of the straight neck condition. The reasons for this condition are many:

•    Sudden trauma, such as a car accident or a slip and fall

•    Sports injuries, especially in football, rugby, and contact sports (boxing, martial arts)

•    Poor posture at the desk

•    Sleeping on your stomach.

What Happens If You Do Not Resolve a Straight Neck?

When the neck loses its natural curvature, it puts excess pressure on the rest of the spine. This leads to several complications, such as:

•    Chronic pain

•    Inability to lift loads

•    Degeneration of the discs (the cushions between vertebrae).

In some of the worst cases studied by our chiropractors, patients with untreated military neck syndrome developed a reverse curve in their thoracic spine, putting pressure on the lungs and affecting their breathing.

What Is the Role of Chiropractic for Military Neck Syndrome?

The chiropractor’s role is to encourage a straight neck to re-form its natural curvature. This is a very delicate process, which needs to be performed by a licensed and experienced professional. One huge warning we want to give anyone who wants to try at-home neck manipulations: do not do it. Any wrong move can lead to severe injury to your neck muscles, ligaments, or even spinal cord. Chiropractic for military neck syndrome involves careful manipulations over several weeks or even months, depending on the severity of the cause. The keywords in any chiropractor’s approach are “gentle” and “natural”.

The Chiropractor Will Encourage You to Assume a Correct Posture at All Times

Apart from manipulations, chiropractic for military neck syndrome involves a holistic approach to your habits and lifestyle. The chiropractor will ask about your work, and the way you sleep and, as needed, will recommend you to:

•    Buy an ergonomic pillow

•    Refrain from sleeping on your stomach

•    Adopt a correct posture at the desk.

Also, the chiropractor will apply massages and teach you to do neck exercises at home to relieve pressure and encourage your neck muscles to relax.

Upper Cervical Care Benefits

The Upper Cervical Spinal Correction is a revolutionary treatment that can fix your alignment and restore brain-to-body communication. This will allow you to feel better by increasing blood flow, improving immune function, speeding up healing time in the affected area of ​​the spine as well rerouting all Chakras towards their ultimate goal: total health!

If you suffer from a straight neck, you should seek a safe and effective solution for this condition as soon as possible. Our clinic specializes in chiropractic for military neck syndrome, so call us to set up an appointment!

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